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Google.cn to move servers out of China


"Internet search giant Google announced yesterday that it will move its servers hosting Google.cn - aimed at Chinese internet users - to the United states."


Interview with Usenet search sites targeted by the MPAA


"Last week, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announced it had launched seven lawsuits against operators of websites it claims had been "facilitating the distribution of copyright works".


02 March 2006 @ 05:42 pm
"Gustavo Arellano is an investigative reporter and columnist for the OCWeekly in Southern California. Since 2004, Gustavo has been answering questions in his increasingly popular column “Ask A Mexican”. In February 2006, the LA Times wrote an article on the weekly column and now, it seems, that everyone wants to talk to Gustavo. Including me."

02 March 2006 @ 05:41 pm
Sorry for the short notice on this one!

What: Mocumentary CSA: The Confederate States of America

Where: Roxie Theater, San Francisco

When: Sunday, March 5th

If you are interested in joining us for this event, please email culturegroup@culturegroove.com.


02 March 2006 @ 05:38 pm
"February’s Culture Group event was a trip to the Cartoon Art museum in downtown San Francisco. One of the things I like about this place is that one can find things like Disney animation cells just around the corner from a rather bizarre, large cartoon of George W. Bush dressed as Superman with an arrow through his head. His hands hold the world in a crushing grip and a dangling Osama Bin Laden with a large pair of scissors snipping off the muscular president’s hairy testicles."

27 February 2006 @ 04:35 pm

"Mardi Gras is full of secrets and the Mardi Gras Indians are as much a part of that secret society as any other carnival organization. The Mardi Gras Indians are comprised, in large part, of the blacks of New Orleans' inner cities. They have paraded for well over a century...yet their parade is perhaps the least recognized Mardi Gras tradition."


" The history of the Mardi Gras Indians here in New Orleans is the stuff of legends. Honoring the native Indians which aided the escape of slaves, the Indians did so at the risk of life and limb."


27 February 2006 @ 01:44 pm

"The last time I had any interest in the Olympics was 1992. These were the last olympics to have both the winter and summer games during the same year."



Gender pay gap worst in Europe


"The gender pay gap is worse in Britain than anywhere else in Europe, with women in full-time work earning 17 percent less than men, a government-appointed commission said on Monday."


Bush chides Belarus on human rights ahead of vote


"President George W. Bush showed U.S. displeasure on Monday with the Belarus government's human rights record by meeting at the White House with two women whose husbands disappeared in the former Soviet republic."



Ancient Sun Temple Uncovered in Cairo

Associated Press

"Archaeologists discovered a pharaonic sun temple with large statues believed to be of King Ramses II under an outdoor marketplace in Cairo, Egypt's antiquities chief said Sunday."


Weather threatening China's famed Buddhist grottoes


"Arid conditions in China's northern desert regions are threatening the world heritage-listed Mogao Grottoes where painted Buddhist rock carvings are peeling and cracking."


China reports desert getting smaller


"China's seemingly ever-expanding deserts have in recent years shrunk for the first time, the government said, although the amount of land saved from an arid fate was relatively modest."


Mount McKinley Getting Dangerously Crowded

Associated Press

"North America's tallest mountain is getting crowded — too crowded for safety."


Japan to reward to S.Korea for support on ITER reactor


"Japan is looking to reward South Korea with construction orders in a multibillion-dollar experimental nuclear project to reward Seoul for backing Tokyo's failed bid."



Google May Be Flirting with Social Bookmarks


"Internet search provider Google wants to capitalize on the social aspect of bookmarks, which are Internet addresses stored in Web browsers for one-click access, according to Google-watcher ValleyWag."


Scenes From the MySpace Backlash


"Last December, a mischievous student used a home computer to create an account on the social networking site MySpace bearing the name and likeness of his school principal, Eric Trosch."


Sex Pistols turn down Hall of Fame honor


"The Sex Pistols have opted out on appearing at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."


U2 receives human rights award in Chile


"Irish rock band U2 received Amnesty International's annual Ambassadors of Conscience award on Sunday in Chile's national stadium, which was once a notorious detention center for political prisoners."



Jamaica to get first woman leader

BBC News

"The Caribbean island of Jamaica is to have a female prime minister for the first time. "

Read more @ http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4752192.stm

Anglican Church offers landmark compensation deal


"The Anglican Church in South Australia has agreed to pay up to $AU4 million to 36 victims of alleged pedophille Robert Brandenberg."

Read more @ http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Anglican_Church_offers_landmark_compensation_deal

U.S. appeals court to reconsider Hawaiians-only admission policy


"The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Wednesday voted to reconsider an earlier decision against Kamehameha Schools, an independent school in Honolulu, regarding the legality of its admission policy that favors Native Hawaiians."

Read more @ http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/U.S._appeals_court_to_reconsider_Hawaiians-only_admission_policy

Abortion measure could mean big legal battle


"Restrictions on abortion that would be the most severe since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the practice 33 years ago are likely to turn South Dakota into an expensive legal battleground should they become law. "

Read more @ http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060226/pl_nm/rights_abortion_dc