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13 March 2006 @ 09:31 am
Culture Groove Update!  
Here's what's new at Culture Groove:
  • Our look has changed! I've updated the design. The site should be a bit more functional now. And prettier!
  • News Feeds! We now have news feeds from the BBC, Scientific American, Rueters, Wired and much more. Check out the site for news updates.
  • New interview posted. As part of our new series on Race and Racism: Ask Gustavo Arellano

Ask Gustavo Arellano

"Gustavo Arellano is an investigative reporter and columnist for the OCWeekly in Southern California. Since 2004, Gustavo has been answering questions in his increasingly popular column “Ask A Mexican”. In February 2006, the LA Times wrote an article on the weekly column and now, it seems, that everyone wants to talk to Gustavo. Including me."